Organisation Objectives

As a community based organisation, IN-STeP is committed to serving the community through Service Provision, Community Development and Organisational Development. IN-STeP is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of service to the community and in undertaking our business activities, maintain a healthy and safe environment for our management, staff, customers and community.

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To fulfil these objectives, IN-STeP will

  • Understand the needs of young people, educators, customers, staff and our community
  • Seek continuous improvement in the quality services which are responsive to needs of young people, educators, customers, staff and our community
  • Indentify and provide, where appropriate, service solutions to young people and the community
  • Work with the community to develop options to increase general participation in community life, in partnership with community organisations and local state and commonwealth Governments.
  • Sustain and improve the organisations effectiveness and efficiency through professional management, valuing staff and promoting creativity and innovation.

All members of IN-STeP, Management Committee and Staff, are expected to embrace and develop the philosophy of continuous improvement.

Members and staff are encouraged to seek means of improvement in all areas of IN-STeP and recognise that this can only be achieved with the input of all concerned.

One of the benefits of being a community non-profit organisation is meeting great people and having the opportunity to help people. Making a difference in someones life really is a rewarding experience. So you can imagine how we felt about this?

Just wanted to say thank you!
Your service is amazing and I wanted to say thank you!
I’m sure all your students appreciate your kind, thoughtful
I only wish some other services would learn from your great help and support.
Best wishes. Keep up the great work!
Jayne Wharton

Thanks Jayne, it really is our pleasure.

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