IN-STeP is happy to announce that in July the ‘Entrepreneurs of the Future’ pilot received a 12 month extension.  With the initial 12 months coming to and end, it was identified that the project require extra time to gain a true realisation of potential outcomes.  With some challenges recognised and strategies implemented, the pilot is open to more Queenslanders, with the opportunity to start your own business and achieve the dream of being your own boss.

Our Mission

To create a supportive, collaborative, informative hub for community members who identify in one of the following target groups:

  • Young people in Townsville aged 15-24 years that are currently not employed full time.
  • Queenslanders at risk due to underemployment.
  • Mature aged jobseekers (55yrs or over).
  • Queenslanders over 24 years of age who have barriers to learning and/or the transition to sustainable employment, including self-employment.
  • Women wanting to return to the workforce.
  • Veterans and ex-service personnel.

With the world of work changing like never before, industries adapting and never seen before job titles, now is the time to take charge of your future.

For more information click on the link or download a referral form and send it in!

Entrepreneurs of the Future

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