IN-STeP: Authorised Local Distributor

In 2014, IN-STeP became the authorised distributor of Neverfail Spring Water servicing Townsville, Ingham and Charters Towers.  Our aim was to create a sustainable future for our organisation.

Our partnership with Neverfail has grown our organisation and allowed us to develop new business opportunities and services for our region.  Since taking on the venture, we have learnt a great deal about the commercial world and believe we have also introduced strategies to improve customer service and grow the distributorship in the region.

As funding to the community sector continues to slow, IN-STeP has been proactive in trying to find ways we can supplement the organisations income to continue delivering quality services.  Through this ‘Social Enterprise’ project, we hope that the profits our Neverfail Division earn, will allow us to continue running the valuable services we offer to the community.

IN-STeP: Coke Vending Services

Following the successful integration of Neverfail into our organisation, the next opportunity to grow our business presented itself.  Through Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) we accepted a contract to deliver Vending Services.  This contract involves IN-STeP being responsible for a number of CCA Vending Machines throughout Townsville, Ignham and Charters Towers.  Our role is to fill these machines and ensure they are stocked, clean and ready for use at all times.

This is another partnership we have developed to build a sustainable future for IN-STeP, that in turn creates a sustainable service to our community.

Why These Partnerships Work

From the outside looking in, this could seem like an odd partnership, however it works on a number of levels.  To start with, as a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation, we are always looking for opportunities to create income or gain funding to service our community.  This partnership does exactly that!

From the income we receive through our Neverfail and Vending contracts, we have supplemented the support of 299 young people, 56 Adults and 32 driving school students, while keeping 4 direct staff and 5 in-direct staff employed in our Organisation.

One thing many people don’t realise is the local jobs and industry Neverfail and Coca-Cola bring to our region.  Yes Coca-Cola is an International Company and Neverfail is a National Company, but here is what you may not be aware of; Neverfail Spring Water is sourced from a natural spring just north of Townsville and it is bottled in Townsville.  Between transport, manufacture, production and distribution there is a number of people employed and a large investment in this local business.  Coca-Cola has a large distribution centre in Townsville that provides their product all over North Queensland, a warehouse that distributes and repairs fridges and vending machines, plus a team of local employees.

IN-STeP’s partnerships in business have immense benefits to us, our partners, our customers/clients and the community.

So if you, your colleagues or any businesses you know are interested in purchasing any of the Neverfail products or would like a Coke Vending machine on site, IN-STeP is happy to arrange delivery to your door.  In turn you will be part of something special, supporting your local community.

If you would like to know more about the Neverfail Product Range or Coke Vending Services, please call our dedicated Neverfail number 4755 2866.

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